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Arizona Republic explores SRP's view in the net metering debate

According to the Arizona Republic, Salt River Project, Arizona’s second largest utility, will be watching closely what happens over the next two weeks. 

November 04, 2013
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It’s time to fix net metering and advance Arizona’s solar leadership

Arizona has been a solar leader since Phoenix hosted the world’s first solar conference in 1955. Fixing net metering now will continue that tradition for years to come.

November 01, 2013
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It’s Time to Fix Net Metering’s Hidden Subsidies

In solar’s early days, Arizona was eager to encourage investment in clean energy. Working with APS and other early solar leaders, the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) created ongoing rate subsidies in the form of net metering to make rooftop solar more affordable.

October 25, 2013
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Many influential voices agree: cost shift from net metering needs to be fixed

Many influential voices have agreed that net metering leads to an unfair cost-shift that needs to be resolved for customers.

October 18, 2013
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Robb in Republic: Rational pricing for rooftop solar

In a column on net metering in today’s Arizona Republic, Robert Robb called the current net metering policy unfair and said if the Arizona Corporation Commission waited to fix it until the next rate case, it “would be a mistake and a disservice.”

October 09, 2013
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