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Five Companies Selected for Ocotillo RFP Solicitation

APS announced that five companies successfully completed the pre-qualification process for the Ocotillo Modernization Project request for proposal (RFP). Each company was invited by APS to participate in the RFP process, which will select a contractor to install five simple-cycle gas turbine generators and related ...

August 15, 2014
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Solar Power: Part of Arizona's Energy Future Since 1955

Since 1955, when Phoenix hosted the first-ever world solar conference, APS has been involved in finding ways to harness the sun to help meet Arizona’s energy needs. And our commitment continues today.

August 02, 2013
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Republic Solar Series Continues with Look at Subsidies

The Arizona Republic continued its in-depth, week-long series covering the pros, cons and promise of solar energy in Arizona.  Today's articles focused on the proper role of subsidies in solar, a discussion central to the ongoing debate over net metering.

July 31, 2013
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