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Deregulation Uncertainty Forces Delay of Four Corners Transaction

Because of the uncertainty caused by the Arizona Corporation Commission’s exploration of electricity deregulation in Arizona, APS has delayed its plan to finalize a planned transaction related to the Four Corners Power Plant.

August 23, 2013
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Deregulation Déjà Vu

If the talk about electricity deregulation sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve been down this road before. Then we stopped, made a U-turn and headed back.  Now that the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) is once again exploring the issue, let’s take a look back at last time.

August 08, 2013
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Electricity Deregulation Doesn't Work in the Real World

Jay Heiler, head of the Arizona Power Consumers Coalition, penned an opinion piece in the Arizona Republic criticizing the Arizona Corporation Commission’s exploration of electricity deregulation, saying it will increase electric bills and jeopardize reliable energy delivery.

August 05, 2013
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We’re Accountable, Which Is Right Where We Want to Be

When it comes to something as important to our lives as electricity, there always should be someone accountable. There always should be one reliable resource customers can go to for help.

July 26, 2013
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News Release on Deregulation Filing

APS TO ACC: MAINTAIN WORKING SYSTEM Current Regulated System Provides Reliable and Affordable Electricity PHOENIX – Citing long-standing benefits of reliability, affordability and accountability in the current system, APS told the Arizona Corporation Commission in a filing earlier this week that deregulation of ...

July 19, 2013
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