Project Illuminate: a state-of-the-art grid management system

April 01, 2015

The unveiling of the latest operating system or new gadget gets a lot of people excited. We’ve all seen footage on the news of customers waiting in line. Well, we at APS are technology nerds too and we are already gearing up for the unveiling of a huge system upgrade coming in 2016.

Recently, we launched Project Illuminate, the implementation of a state-of-the-art grid management system. When this system is fully operational in 2016, we will be able to access a more informed view of energy distribution throughout the state, and more quickly and accurately pinpoint and resolve outages.

Project Illuminate will enhance our power distribution systems allowing us to foresee equipment issues before they have a chance to impact your home, so that we can operate at the highest, most reliable level of service for the communities we serve.

Since the project launch in August 2014, the Project Illuminate team has done much of the groundwork, including setting up the computer infrastructure for the developing environment, holding design workshops and selecting a supplier.

Work will continue throughout the next year and half before the new system will be operational. You won’t hear a bunch of hoopla or see people lining up to take a peek when it’s ready, but you will be able to test it out each time you flip a switch or plug in your newest, coolest gadget.

Watch more about this exciting new project: