APS Prepared to Meet Summer 2017 Customer Demand

April 25, 2017

From an APS news release:

Summer is the season APS prepares for all year long.

With nearly 35,000 square miles of service territory, APS has employees all over the state who work year-round to ensure customer power needs are met. Over the last year, APS has worked to modernize the grid with advanced technologies, completed multiple high-voltage transmission projects to further improve reliability and introduced new ways for customers to get important information. At today’s annual summer preparedness briefing at the Arizona Corporation Commission, the company described these innovations brought forth in 2016.
With a forecasted summer peak load of 7,023 megawatts (MW), a strong and well-maintained grid infrastructure will continue to prove critically important. Last year, three 500-kilovolt (kV) power lines went into service in the northwest valley to ensure greater reliability for customers. This year, the construction of the Morgan to Sun Valley 500-kV line will help to complete this loop of extra high voltage transmission power lines around the valley. This infrastructure also allows for increased access to a regional power market that helps provide customers with the most affordable energy available. 
Next month, Daisy Mountain Substation, serving the Anthem area, will come online to help provide strong reliability for that growing population.

Annual preventive maintenance performed over the last year by helicopter, foot, drone, car and all-terrain vehicle has helped to ensure that APS’s 35,000 miles of transmission and distribution lines are ready for another Arizona summer.

“We have 2.7 million people depending on us to ensure their AC is running and their lights are on,” said Jacob Tetlow, APS Vice President of Transmission and Distribution Operations. “When we send a crew out to a storm-damaged power line, that one action is the culmination of 365 days of preparation. It’s also an action refined by 130 summers of operation in this state."

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