Republic Series Takes a Hard Look at Solar Lease Companies, Installers

August 02, 2013

The Arizona Republic published the fourth installment of its week-long, in-depth look at solar energy in our state today.  Articles include:

  • Company’s solar leases draw fans, but feds open inquiry into pricing – This article focuses on SolarCity’s pricing model and the fact that the company is currently under investigation by the U.S. Department of Treasury.  (SolarCity is one of several companies behind TUSK, a political action group arguing to preserve the current net metering policy, which results in higher electricity rates for customers without solar power to cover the costs of maintaining a reliable electric grid. The APS proposal would ensure all customers pay their fair share for the grid.)
  • 2 solar companies fail to deliver – This piece spotlights two companies that took down payments for solar panel installations but never delivered. They ultimately went out of business.
  • Solar myth vs. reality – Q&A examines whether solar panels improve a home’s resale value (it depends) and whether homeowner associations can restrict someone from installing solar panels (they can’t).