August 15, 2017

Excerpt from an APS news release

The Arizona Corporation Commission today approved a comprehensive and broadly supported agreement to resolve Arizona Public Service’s first rate review in five years. ACC Staff, the Residential Utility Consumer Office, limited-income advocates, private rooftop solar organizations and dozens of other stakeholders supported the consensus agreement, which encompasses a wide range of customer interests and shows what can be accomplished when people come together to resolve complex policy issues.  
The ACC approved the previously established agreement with modifications, but the changes do not materially affect the overall economic terms of the agreement.
“Arizona’s energy consumers are the clear winners here because this agreement enables investment in a smarter, cleaner energy infrastructure, gives customers more choice and control through new rate options, and continues Arizona’s solar leadership,” said Don Brandt, APS Chairman, President and CEO.
The agreement brings substantial benefits to Arizona while minimizing the impact on customer bills. Specifically, it allows for a 3.3 percent overall revenue increase, effective Aug. 19. The revenue increase is the company’s first base rate increase in five years with the typical monthly residential bill increasing 4.5 percent, or about $6 per month. The agreement also includes:

  • A $10 million to $15 million per year investment in an AZ Sun II rooftop solar program in which limited- and moderate-income customers would receive a monthly credit to allow APS to install rooftop solar systems on their homes;
  • A $15 million refund of surplus energy efficiency program funds to customers;
  • Increased program funding, annual crisis bill assistance and a simplified monthly bill discount for limited-income customers;
  • Grandfathering for existing private solar customers; and
  • Four new off-peak holidays, increasing the total number to 10.
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