Arizona Republic Highlights Benefits of Ocotillo Power Plant Modernization

February 17, 2014

On Saturday, the Arizona Republic covered APS’s plan to modernize the Ocotillo Power Plant:

The half-century-old natural-gas plant towering over Tempe east of Arizona State University will be demolished to make way for more powerful, compact and efficient generators, utility officials said.

The article highlighted the historically important role the plant played as the Valley grew:

“We have sort of a love story with Ocotillo,” said Pat Dinkel, APS vice president of resource management. “They served Arizona through a phenomenal growth period. These units were built before we built coal and nuclear and other units. This was the cornerstone of building Arizona for the last 50 years.”

It also touched on future benefits of the project, including that the new generators will use less water and fuel to make more electricity and increase tax revenue for the local economy.
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