'Grandfathering' Would Provide Grace Period for Existing Solar Customers

July 15, 2013

With all the debate about rooftop solar in Arizona, we get one question over and over again from existing solar customers: “If there are new rules, what will happen to my current solar contract?”

The simple answer: Nothing.

APS recognizes the value of existing customers who were early adopters of solar and helped make Arizona a solar leader.

Because of this, under the recent APS proposal to the Arizona Corporation Commission, customers who have already made the choice to install rooftop solar would be given a 20-year “grace period” before any new policies would take effect.

If you currently have rooftop solar, you would continue to pay your APS and/or solar lease bill and continue to receive compensation for your solar production the same as you do today. There would be no changes to the rules for 20 years.

Update: Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) Staff also supports grandfathering and further recommends that the current rules remain in effect even if you sell your house. We have heard our customers previously on this issue, and agree with staff’s position. 

Only new solar customers or solar installations would be subject to any state policy adjustments.

If you don’t have solar, under the APS proposal, you could still be grandfathered under the current rules if you:
  • Submit a signed application for interconnection to APS by Oct. 31, 2013
  • Provide a signed copy of an installer contract to APS by Oct. 31, 2013
  • Have your system installed and interconnected within 180 days of application
Note: These dates are updated from our original proposal and reflect ACC staff’s recommendation.

With as much sunshine as we enjoy in Arizona, the goal is to create the right balance so we can ensure Arizonans benefit from rooftop solar and enjoy a reliable, affordable electricity grid.

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This blog post was updated on October 25, 2013.