Reliability: It’s Our Job

July 22, 2013

When temperatures creep above 100 degrees, you don’t want to worry about whether the AC will kick on or not. You count on the electricity you need being there when you need it. And when wind, lightning or other events interrupt service, you want to know that APS will be there to fix the problem quickly.

A proven record
Arizonans demand—and deserve—reliability and accountability in their electric service. That’s why APS works tirelessly to ensure reliable electricity at an affordable price. In fact, this commitment to our customers has resulted in an electric service reliability ranking among the top quartile of all utilities around the country. At the same time, APS electric rates currently are lower than almost all deregulated states and U.S. averages.

Planning for the future
APS plans and coordinates a supply of energy for our customers that matches demand—keeping pace with population growth and providing enough capacity to handle an even-hotter-than-normal summer. In a deregulated market, there is no incentive to maintain reserves or run plants at full capacity. The tighter the supply, the more prices rise. There is also no financial incentive to build new plants, which puts reliability at risk. In deregulated Texas, for example, reserve margins have fallen, impacting price and putting summer reliability at risk.

Deregulation: proceed with caution
When it comes to delivering electricity, it remains our job to ensure this level of service is not diminished by changes to the system. We want to be cautious about any proposals that may jeopardize reliability and affordability—and that we protect our customers against the costly mistakes that occurred in deregulated markets like California.