We’re Accountable, Which Is Right Where We Want to Be

July 26, 2013

When it comes to something as important to our lives as electricity, there always should be someone accountable. There always should be one reliable resource customers can go to for help.
APS prides itself on being that resource and on delivering reliable, affordable energy across the state of Arizona. Consider this:

  • APS’s system reliability, as measured by frequency and length of outages per customer, is among the best in the industry.
  • Arizona electric rates are lower than most deregulated states and below U.S. averages.
Deregulation is complicated

The process to deregulate is lengthy, complex and difficult to get right. Deregulation can create confusion for consumers who question who to call when the power goes out.

Customer service and satisfaction levels may drop. Prior to the implementation of restructuring, electricity-related complaints to the Texas Public Utilities Commission averaged around 1,300 each year. After the implementation of restructuring, complaints rose to as much as 17,250 per year.

While higher-usage customers may be bombarded by calls from telemarketers selling power, average customers often are not contacted by competitive suppliers and can be dropped by providers without notice, forcing them to a more expensive “provider of last resort.”

APS: Keeping power on and costs low

APS is accountable to our customers and to the Arizona Corporation Commission. We embrace our role as the go-to resource that keeps the lights on, fixes issues when they arise and keeps the cost of doing both as low as possible.