When You Flip the Switch, You Need the Lights to Come On

July 16, 2013

Customers demand reliability and accountability in their electric service. At APS, it’s our job to ensure they receive both. It is not in the best interests of Arizona to move to a system that jeopardizes those priorities.

The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) is exploring the potential in Arizona for electricity deregulation. Deregulating the electricity market in Arizona would be the most significant action by the ACC in more than a decade. The ACC is asking the right questions to guide its exploratory discussions. It has asked key stakeholders to submit their reasons in support of, or in opposition to, deregulation.

APS and other stakeholders filed responses with the ACC on July 15, detailing the potential impacts of deregulation and the need to protect customers from the costly problems experienced in states that have attempted to deregulate.

Arizona utilities offer:
Affordable electricity prices: Arizona’s electricity rates are lower than almost all of the states that have deregulated, and equal to or below U.S. averages.

High customer satisfaction: APS ranks 5th among 54 large investor-owned utilities in the J.D. Power and Associates survey of residential customer satisfaction.

Reliable electric service: APS is ranked among the best utilities in the country in keeping the lights on, measured by frequency and length of outages per customer. Utilities in Arizona also are held accountable for ensuring enough power supply to meet customer needs.

Utilities you can depend on: If something does go wrong, customers know someone will be there to fix the problem. But APS’s impact goes beyond service, to our numerous contributions to the community and the state’s economy.

The bottom line…
We want to keep Arizona in control of its own energy future by keeping energy policy decisions, jobs, income and tax revenue in the state. Our customers deserve to continue to enjoy the reliability and service they have come to expect. In Arizona, especially in summer when the temperatures soar, electricity is an essential service, not something we can risk.