APS proposes new rooftop solar program for APS customers

July 25, 2014

What if you could add solar to your roof for no cost, and receive a $30 credit on your monthly utility bill for 20 years? And what if the panels were installed by reputable local companies and backed by the energy provider Arizona has trusted for more than a century?

It may be possible, pending approval of a plan APS submitted to the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) as part of our AZ Sun Program.

The APS AZ Sun Program is an ACC-approved program that allowed APS to build up to 200 megawatts of community-scale photovoltaic power plants across Arizona. Since program inception in 2010, nine AZ Sun plants totaling 170 MW are on line or under development.

A new proposal under AZ Sun would shift the program from community-scale solar to residential rooftop solar. The new program would enable about 3,000 customers across Arizona to add rooftop solar to their homes and receive a $30 credit each month through the life of the 20 year program, totaling $7,200. Participants pay no upfront fees.

This plan is an alternative to another proposal filed in April: a 20-MW community-scale solar plant near Tonopah, Ariz. The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) now has the opportunity to decide if it would like APS to pursue either of these options.

Planning ‘what’s next’ for Arizona’s energy future is our top priority. We know our customers want more options for receiving energy to power their lives. This plan would result in a 10 percent increase in residential solar rooftops onto the APS grid.

It’s a simple and easy, yet innovative, approach that continues Arizona’s position as a national solar leader. APS has more than 800 MW of solar energy available to customers today, the fourth-highest total among utilities in the United States, and has invested nearly $1 billion in solar energy projects across Arizona.