First of 1,500 APS solar partner customers on line

July 10, 2015

Installers completed the first installation of the APS Solar Partner Program – an initiative that will see solar panels installed on 1,500 customer homes across the Valley of the Sun at no cost to the host customer. This residential rooftop solar program enables​ APS to partner with customers and the state’s local solar installers to create a brighter, cleaner energy future for Arizona. 


Harmon Solarone of several locally based installers taking part in the program, attached a 6-kilowatt system on the home of Gregg Dufort in Phoenix. 


“It is a good program,” said Dufort. “I’m a fan of solar but it’s cost prohibitive to do a 20-year lease. I did my research and this program was a ‘no brainer’.  I checked on the obligation option when you sell because I plan on moving and renting this home – the renter would benefit from the $30 credit. It is a good deal with no investment.”


The APS Solar Partner Program is designed to forge an innovative path for future solar deployment. The program will generate up to 10 megawatts of electricity, enabling approximately 1,500 customers to participate. APS will operate and maintain the equipment while paying participating customers $360 a year through the life of the 20-year program, totaling $7,200. 


APS has teamed up with local solar installers, including members of the Arizona Solar Deployment Alliance (ASDA), for this program; all involved share a common goal of making solar energy sustainable for the long-term in Arizona.

1st free APS-owned rooftop solar installed in Phoenix
Arizona Republic

First of 1,500 free APS solar systems installed in Phoenix home
Phoenix Business Journal