RUCO director supports addressing solar cost shift now

July 28, 2015

Arizona’s top utility consumer advocate writes in the July 27 Arizona Republic that his office supports taking action on the cost shift created by rooftop solar now instead of in APS’s next rate case to protect customers.

David Tenney, who leads the state’s Residential Utility Customer Office (RUCO), says in his op-ed column that “it is critically important that we maintain Arizona’s track record of affordable and reliable energy, which serves as a cornerstone of a strong economy.

“If the (Arizona) Corporation Commission fails to quickly address the cost shift resulting from rooftop solar, the burdens on the vast majority of ratepayers will continue to grow, leading to artificially and unnecessarily high utility rates.”

Under Tenney’s predecessor in 2013, RUCO concluded that rooftop solar created a cost shift to non-solar customers and proposed a $21 monthly grid access charge for new rooftop solar customers, the same as APS’s current request to the ACC.

To learn more, read this summary of filings to the ACC by RUCO and stakeholder groups that support adjusting the Grid Access Charge now to maintain a long-term, sustainable solar policy for Arizona.