Solar Innovation Study featured by global clean energy media outlet

July 14, 2016

Research from the APS Solar Innovation Study could lead to technology and pricing solutions that benefit the grid, customers and third-party technology providers, according to an in-depth feature about the program from Greentech Media.

“APS is striving to create a new paradigm where energy efficiency, demand-side management and renewable energy all meet and work together seamlessly and symbiotically. Eventually, APS wants these technologies to work in harmony with a price signal that creates an economically sustainable market,” reports Greentech Media senior writer Julia Pyper.

The article explains how the 75-home pilot program will test various configurations of technologies such as private rooftop solar panels, battery storage, smart thermostats and home energy management systems to see how customers can most effectively manage their energy use and demand. The study also puts customers on a demand-based rate plan that encourages them to reduce energy use during on-peak hours, when energy is more expensive.

Marc Romito, APS Director of Customer Technology, says the study offers an opportunity for the company to collaborate with Arizona rooftop solar installers and other third-party technology companies and for everyone to benefit from its research findings.

”What's cool is that [the solar installers] are not learning alone. They're learning with a utility partner, so they're bringing technologies to us. We're bringing technologies to them,” Romito said. “We walk arm in arm through this evolution of technology. We want that to thrive. They want to thrive. It's a shared goal.”