APS “Grid” Must Be Ready to Transmit Electricity

June 15, 2013

The retail rate customers pay for electricity includes the cost of power as well as costs to maintain the grid. Under the current net metering structure, when rooftop solar customers generate electricity, they avoid paying the retail rate. That means they don’t pay for the power, which is fair because they don’t use it, but they also don’t pay for the grid.

Solar AND APS, Not Solar OR APS customers who install rooftop solar still must be connected to the grid. They use the grid in these scenarios:

Because the net metering structure allows rooftop solar customers to avoid paying for the grid, that means someone else has to pay. That “someone else” is all other APS customers, who pay more to cover the grid costs. APS is trying to find a solution that is fair to all customer. View this post in PDF format