Capitol Times Op-Eds Highlight Need to Reform Net Metering

June 26, 2013

On Friday, the Arizona Capitol Times published two op-eds on the net metering topic. The first, by APS Executive Vice President Mark Schiavoni, addresses the need for reasonable reform that protects Arizona electricity customers:

“Let’s find a solution that allows customers to have the option of installing solar, compensates them fairly for the energy they produce, and does not raise rates or potentially impact future reliability for our customers.”

Read the full piece: “ California Solar Energy CEOs Aim to Confuse Net Metering Issue, Preserve Profits.”

The second op-ed, by Gary Yaquinto of the Arizona Investment Council, focuses on the cost shift at the core of the current net metering system:

“The inconvenient truth that the rooftop solar companies fail to acknowledge to the public or their homeowner customers is that each solar array they install on a homeowner’s house transfers an average of $1,000 in subsidies and unrecovered fixed costs annually onto other customers’ electric bills.”

Read the full piece: “Cost Shifts: The Inconvenient Truth of Rooftop Solar.”