Solar Customers Need Grid, Should Pay Fair Share

June 17, 2013

In an article published by Greentech Media, APS explains why the current net metering system is unfair to non-solar ratepayers in Arizona and unsustainable for the long term:

“If net metering remains unchanged and solar growth continues, ‘You’re going to collect the costs to the system that everybody uses, including net metering customers, from a smaller and smaller group of customers who don’t have solar,’ [said APS Customers/Regulations Sr. VP Jeff Guldner]…

‘Cost-shifting is just math,’ Guldner said. ‘If there are 100 customers paying for a $1,000 system, they each pay $10 per month. If half of them install solar and stop paying, there are 50 customers and they pay $20.’

APS believes that rooftop solar is an important part of the renewable energy mix in Arizona. It’s a matter of finding the right way to balance the benefits of solar against its impact on ratepayers. “APS wants to get all this on the table and make decisions based on what the costs are,” says Guldner.

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