Editorial: Casa Grande Dispatch

June 10, 2016

In an editorial published June 9, the Casa Grande Dispatch provided a balanced perspective on the rate review recently filed by APS.
The editorial weighs in on the impact of rooftop solar adoption on today’s rate design:
“The bottom line is that non-solar customers are subsidizing those with solar equipment in providing infrastructure.”
It also touches on the role of proposed demand-based rates in limiting stress on the electric grid.
“No major utility now forces customers onto demand rates, but summer afternoons in Arizona are very taxing on the system, and that is not a good time to use other major electrical appliances, while air conditioners are straining.”
Ultimately, the editorial concludes, customers should educate themselves about the rate review and its importance to Arizona energy policy:
“The rate request is one that users should learn more about. The ACC has an important job to do – in this case coming up with a solution that is in the best long-term interest of Arizona residents who rely heavily on their electricity provider, even with solar assistance.”