APS Receives Tempe Business Excellence Award

March 10, 2015

The Tempe Chamber of Commerce recently honored APS with its Beacon Business Excellence Award in the Large Business category. The annual Beacon Awards promote the advancement of responsible business leadership in the community and publicly recognize local businesses demonstrating a passion for excellence.

Beacon is an acronym for Business leadership, Excellence in operations, Achievement in the field, Community involvement, Outstanding performance, Net value to the community. The Business Excellence Award recognized APS for success in business growth, employee development, community involvement and customer service. 

APS General Manager, Fossil Engineering John Lucas accepted the award on behalf of the company at the breakfast celebration, saying, “We appreciate the chance to support nonprofits like the Tempe Chamber because they support the businesses that make up the backbone of this vibrant city.”

Lucas discussed how the use of electricity is changing and how APS is adapting to the new technologies and demand. “Modernizing the Ocotillo Power Plant is a good example of just one of the ways we plan to meet electricity demand and changing consumer behaviors,” he said. “Using advanced technology to replace the 1960’s era units, this project will create a cleaner-running, more efficient power plant right in the heart of Tempe.“

Lucas concluded by saying, “It is so gratifying to see what you do with the electricity we provide. From the sparkling lights on the bridges that stretch across Tempe Town Lake, to every shade of neon that lines Mill Avenue, to the way you use electricity to run your business is helping to shape this great city. Thank you for all you are doing to build a brighter future for Arizona, and thank you for this recognition today.”