Protecting customers

March 02, 2015

The statement:
TUSK writes in a press release that: “A job-killing bill intended to harm energy choice and Arizona’s popular rooftop solar market is being introduced at the State Legislature as Arizona Public Service looks for new ways to legislate its competition out of business.”

For the Record:
The bill, proposed by Sen. Debbie Lesko, has the sole purpose of protecting consumers. We support enhanced consumer protection for Arizonans who are considering whether to lease rooftop solar, and if the bill includes provisions that appropriately protect and inform customers, we will be supportive -- as should every other responsible company doing business in Arizona. So far, Republican and Democratic Members of Congress, the ACC, several Electrical Co Ops, and RUCO have called for consumer protections in regard to rooftop solar leasing practices; RUCO also recently issued a consumer guide and cautioned that some solar installers have made “rosy assumptions” that can mislead customers. 

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