Putting constituents first

March 02, 2015

The statement:
TUSK writes: “Arizonans don’t appreciate their elected officials acting in the best interest of corporations and not constituents.” They are encouraging Arizonans to send letters to their Representatives that say, “Your choice to sign onto the letter APS authored put the interests of a monopoly utility ahead of those of your constituents.”

For the Record:
Rep. Gosar’s statement on the letter states: “It has been reported that some companies are using potentially deceptive sales techniques and overstating potential savings in order to get consumers to sign lengthy leases for rooftop solar systems. Reportedly, consumers are being enticed by some solar leasing companies who offer zero-money-down leases, essentially teaser rates, for a 20-year lease agreement. The sales presentations, however, purportedly inflate grid power rates. If these allegations are true, these possibly misleading leases could be a serious threat to consumers as they are tied to our citizens’ homes and have the potential to cause significant harm to the solar industry.” In our view, this puts the interests of the consumers, and his constituents, front and center, above all else. 

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