Smart Grid News Calls for “Reasonable Discourse” on Net Metering

May 14, 2013

Today Jesse Berst, founder of Smart Grid News, published his reaction to a new solar lobbying group’s messages about net metering:

A group of solar companies have banded together to lobby for more and better net metering standards. So far, no big deals… until you read the language they are using to describe their mission. According to this group, “monopoly utilities” are trying to “quash… renewable energy.” In fact, there is a “coordinated utility attack on net metering throughout the country.”

Really? A coordinated war campaign by all of the nation’s utilities to destroy renewable energy?

How sad to see yet another group resort to the nuclear option on day one instead of reasonable discourse. From where I sit, many utilities are opposed not to renewable energy, but to net metering regulations that force the people without solar panels to subsidize those that do. In most parts of the country, that means that lower and middle class customers subsidize wealthier customers who can afford the expense of solar panels.

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