Investments create cleaner, strong and smarter energy grid for customers

May 04, 2017

Excerpt from an APS news release:

Building the energy grid of the future for APS customers takes plenty of planning, budgeting and investing in the present. The company’s 2016 rate review outlines the need for projects that will create a cleaner, stronger and more advanced energy grid for customers.

APS is devoting $1 billion annually to infrastructure updates and maintenance in the next three years. The projects range from replacing decades-old wires buried directly in the ground to a top-tier operations program that provides more real-time grid management capabilities and improves system flexibility to integrate new distributed energy resources.
“Our customers need access to safe, reliable and low-cost electricity around the clock, and they also want the choice to take advantage of new technologies and control their energy costs better,” said Daniel Froetscher, Senior Vice President of Transmission, Distribution and Customers for APS. “The rate review, which must be approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission, provides the funding needed for the responsible, cost-effective investments we are making in the energy grid to meet our customers’ needs and expectations.”