Arizona can lead the way and fix net metering now.

November 08, 2013

Arizona has always been on the leading edge of solar innovation. Fixing net metering now will strengthen Arizona’s solar leadership and position our state for sustainable solar growth.
Fix the unfair cost shift
Leaders from across our state and nation agree – not only is Arizona’s current net-metering policy unsustainable, it just isn’t fair to non-solar customers. Net metering’s hidden subsidies disproportionately shift costs for maintaining the electricity grid to non-solar customers.
Shine the light on hidden subsidies

As long as solar subsidies are needed, they should be transparent. Replacing the existing hidden subsidies with upfront incentives would restore fairness while protecting Arizona’s important solar industry. And, as the cost of solar continues to decrease, the Arizona Corporation Commission can adjust the incentive to make sure Arizona electricity customers benefit from the savings.
Now is the time to act

Real solar leadership requires that we tackle the problem head-on and fix net metering now, before the problem gets worse. We can protect existing rooftop solar customers by exempting them from any changes, while putting Arizona back on a path of sustainable solar growth.

Arizona should be the solar capital of America. Creating a fair and sustainable solar policy now will help our state achieve that goal.
Let’s continue Arizona’s solar leadership by fixing net metering now.