Solana in the Media

October 16, 2013

Solana, a new solar plant that can produce clean solar energy for APS customers after the sun sets, has generated a lot of attention. Here are some recent articles about this “game-changer” for solar power in Arizona:

Arizona Utility Tries Storing Solar Energy for Use in the Dark

New York Times – October 18
Arizona Utility Company Testing How to Store Solar Energy
Money with Melissa Francis – October 18

Solana: 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Concentrated Solar Power Plant Near Gila Bend

Phoenix New Times – October 10
In Ariz., a Solar Plant that Powers 70,000 Homes Day or Night
NPR – October 11
Solana Starts Generating Solar Power for APS
Phoenix Business Journal – October 9
APS Solar Plant Produces Electricity, Even After Dark
Arizona Republic – September 14
Watch a video about Solana:

Solana Infographic:

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