Electricity Daily: Searching for Sustainable Solar Policies in Arizona

October 25, 2016

Electricity Daily Editor and Publisher Robert Marritz shared some of his own opinions on the Arizona solar debate in his introduction to a new op-ed article by Barbara Lockwood, APS Vice President, Regulation.

Marritz, himself a rooftop solar owner, writes that “APS cannot reasonably be deemed anti-solar. It has nearly 1,000 MW of solar generation on its system and 50,000 rooftop solar customers, whose investments benefit the system at large. APS does have issues with the level of compensation it should pay its solar customers for their excess solar energy, concerned that it is generous to solar customers and costly to its other customers.”

Regarding the long-running drama over Arizona’s solar policies, he advises, “Hot as it may get in the desert, the policies states need ought to be fashioned coolly, on the basis of available evidence, with more than a dollop of public policy thrown in. Protracted conflict needn’t be inevitable.”

Lockwood, who was the first renewable energy manager at APS, highlights in her article our solar leadership and efforts to bring solar energy’s benefits to all APS customers in the most sustainable way possible. She sums up the situation for APS today, compared to where solar energy stood a decade ago in Arizona:

“It’s hard to believe that with everything APS has done and continues doing to advance solar energy, some in the industry insist on pushing the false narrative that APS is 'anti-solar.' That’s not who we are. For more than six decades, APS has been a leader among leaders in solar research and development. Our record speaks for itself.

“But this is no longer the early days of solar energy. The policies adopted a decade ago are no longer the right policies to facilitate solar energy for the future. We want more solar for as many customers as possible without unfairly driving up rates for all customers. That’s why change is not only necessary but imperative for real progress to continue.”