Net Metering Dialogue Spreads to Colorado, Nevada

September 03, 2013

Some familiar solar discussions are starting to heat up in other parts of the country as more utilities look to address the net metering issue.

Xcel Energy Colorado recently proposed changes to their net metering policy with the Colorado Public Utility Commission (CPUC).

Xcel Energy Vice President Karen Hyde explained in a Greentech Media article:

“We want to have an open debate in the best forum we know of, the CPUC, about the net metering incentive — whether it’s the right amount, who should pay for it, those sorts of things.”

Two states over, Michael Yackira, president and CEO of NV Energy and chairman of the Edison Electric Institute, expressed similar sentiments in another Greentech article, referring to rooftop solar as “a free ride.”

First, [Yackira] said, rooftop solar does not work without utilities’ transmission and distribution infrastructure. “When the sun goes down, people still need their electricity.”

Second, non-solar-owning utility customers pay for that infrastructure and for solar rebates. “They are people who likely can least afford it, the customer base that is not participating.”