Solar Innovation Study

Advanced technology, pricing enable customer choice.

Emerging technologies and modernized pricing plans have the potential to give our customers more opportunities to manage their home energy use and save on their monthly bills.

APS is collaborating with the Arizona Solar Deployment Alliance and other Arizona-based businesses for the ground-breaking Solar Innovation Study. The study will provide participating customers with a variety of technologies, controlled at their fingertips, to see how they can work together to benefit the customers and the evolving energy grid.

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The technologies will range from rooftop solar panels, battery storage and programmable thermostats to advanced load controllers and high-efficiency HVAC systems. Customers will have a mobile app to control these products and their home’s energy use from a smart phone or tablet.

As part of the study, customers will move to a demand-based rate plan. This plan will encourage participants to use the installed technologies to reduce their energy use during on-peak hours, when energy is more expensive.

The Solar Innovation Study will also expand industry-wide knowledge about these technologies and help us integrate them on the grid to maintain safe, reliable energy service for all customers.

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