Support a Valued Partnership, Vote YES
for the APS Franchise

We appreciate our vital relationship with Somerton. We work together every day to provide you with safe, reliable energy service. You can support this valued partnership by voting YES for the APS franchise agreement in the Nov. 7 election.

The franchise is a contract required by the Arizona Constitution that sets rules and procedures for APS to use Somerton’s public rights-of-way for our energy facilities. A franchise may be granted for up to 25 years and provides these important benefits for the town and APS:

  • Allows us to build, maintain and operate the energy system safely and efficiently for customers
  • Ensures that we comply with Somerton regulations governing the use of town streets for the company’s facilities
  • Enables Somerton and APS to plan together for the future
Importantly, voting YES to approve the franchise does not raise your energy rates or increase APS revenues.

Early voting for the franchise agreement begins Oct. 11. Please refer to the Yuma County elections information page to learn more.


A franchise vote is typically held once every 25 years. Because of that, customers often have questions about the franchise’s purpose and its impact on energy service in their communities. Here are some frequently asked questions:

What is a franchise?
A franchise is a contract between the City of Somerton and APS. The franchise gives us a non-exclusive right to use the town’s streets, alleys and other public rights-of-way to construct, maintain and operate our energy facilities safely and efficiently. If our facilities ever conflict with the town’s street projects, the franchise requires us to relocate them without cost to  the city.

Does APS have franchise agreements with other towns?
Yes. We have franchise agreements with 53 municipalities and the 11 counties we serve in Arizona.

Why do we need to vote on a franchise?
The Arizona Constitution requires that voters in the town approve a municipal franchise.

Does voting for the franchise agreement mean a price increase for customers?
No, approving the franchise does not increase your energy rates or APS revenues.

Why should I approve the franchise agreement?
The franchise provides stability and helps Somerton effectively and economically plan for the future in cooperation with APS. It also ensures we use rights-of-way and town streets safely and efficiently, and that we comply with all town regulations.

How can I get involved?
You can cast a vote to approve the franchise agreement. Election Day is Nov. 7, and early voting begins Oct. 11. For questions or more information about the franchise agreement, call toll-free at (877) 490-6872.